Landing pages – the web’s secret weapon

Landing pages – the web’s secret weapon
Landing pages remain underrated in the world of marketing, despite their obvious advantages. Here, we’re going to go through why landing pages are so vital.

There are two main types of landing page – click through landing pages and lead generation landing pages.

Click through landing pages
As the name suggests, click through landing pages are there to convince the visitor to click through to another page.

Typically, click through landing pages will be designed in a way that helps ‘warm’ a lead up to the idea of making a purchase through providing more information about the product, without asking for a sale directly.

This can be far more effective than simply sending prospects through to a cart or registration page.

Lead generation landing pages
These landing pages are designed for one purpose: to capture data (such as an e-mail address) from visitors, with the purpose of being able to market to the user later on.

Lead generation landing pages will usually offer something for free in return for the information, such as an ebook, a whitepaper, a discount and so on. The idea is to offer real value in return for the data.

What are the general benefits of landing pages, though? Well, there are several:

They increase conversions
It’s been proven multiple times that an effective landing page can lead to more sales. By guiding users towards making one single decision – rather than hoping they’ll do it through general browsing – landing pages are usually more likely to get results.

They provide data – even when they don’t convert
Landing pages can provide you valuable information on your content, your offer or your product. By taking notice of how users react to your page, you can make changes and improve the way you work. Are they leaving immediately? Do they stick around but not buy? Do they add the product to the checkout but pull out at the last minute? Every behaviour offers insight.

They’re easy to maintain, but still profit
Once you have a successful, effective landing page set-up, making money becomes an automatic process. You simply direct traffic to the page, safe in the knowledge that the users will take action. Landing pages will convert at a similar rate no matter how many people visit, so if your page converts at 5 per cent from 200 visitors, it’ll almost certainly do the same for 2,000.

A good landing page takes a bit of trial and error to set up, but once it’s done it’s as close as you can get to guaranteed income online.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
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