The increased technological development has created many sweet technologies that enabled a lot of feasibility for an individual. Majorly, the current success of technology is mostly affiliated with mobiles. In the modern era, there has been much effort in developing such high-profile devices which may enable a better screen threshold but also describe a better set of features which may set the bars of uniqueness on  another level. Mobile development has been an increased technology every since the advent of touch phones. However, in order to support the construction of this material, there is a proper field that goes by the name of Application Development. This field is mostly concerned with developing applications for mobile phones. There is a huge diversification of mobile app development, ranging from apple iOS to android system. Major phone companies such as Samsung, Apple have worked immensely hard in determining a proper protocol for the construction of application for the phone, Application or app is a common slang term, which involves software program that can be run on a computer device to accomplish a task more effectively than a human being. These apps range from games to organizing apps that help you organize your routine and daily time table. More apps like newspaper and other products such that cloud storage and social networking apps all are a result of application development.

Most of the application developers have a computer programing background. Major apps are developed based on computer languages, such that of python, Linux, C++ etc. However, even before writing the entire app on a computing language it is important to note that it involves various processes even before that. App development may seem easy, when in fact it is an extremely tedious job. The process of application development involves implementation of minute smaller steps, which conclude to be called a systems development cycle. The system development cycle, or SDC involves the following steps:
  1. Planning: identifying the purpose of the app. This may also involve including a unique and innovative idea regarding the app. This may also involve in determining a solution for the app such that the problem is identified, and a proper plan is devised for this problem. Furthermore, existing applications for the problem also should be defined.
  2. Analysis: This involves documenting the current functional requirements. This mostly involves paperwork and also involves anticipating potential problems which may be encountered while developing this specific application.
  3. Design: This involves designing the output of the app. This may also include the outer design, inner design, its purpose, user interface etc. all these components are defined in this phase. Furthermore, it also includes all the features the desired app would include, hence desiging the outline of the app according to these specifications.
  4. Construction: This step involves programming. Programmers and computer experts, based upon the required designs start developing major codes for the purpose of determining a proper application.
  5. Testing: Once the app is set, the next phase involves testing. This is to check the authenticity of the application and determine if it contains any sort of vulnerability. It may also determine any weaknesses it may include which can be then further removed. Furthermore, determining the requirement check of the app is also included in this phase.
  6. Implementation: After the testing phase, if the application passes all the desired criteria marks for a perfect app, it is set in motion. It is then also made available on various application stores of different operating system based mobile phones.
  7. Support: this involves utilizing user experiences, and providing proper upgradation of the app. Mostly, recommendation is looked upon and major changes within the app are made in order to satisfy the customer needs.

It is also important to consider the safety protocols to be set in place in order to determine the authenticity of the mobile apps against external threats. IT departments often need to provide tactical solutions that mostly cover the top existing apps. Since mobile is an amazing technology without a doubt, however, the risk it poses to human privacy is also amazingly high. Small certain details of mobile such as IMEI number or IP address of the wifi may allow hackers to easily interlude in your phone and disturb your privacy. However, it is important to note that the security measures are kept in place while determining the development of the application. There has been extreme diversification of application development which enables a major opportunity for mobile app developers and computer scientists to actually effectively utilize their knowledge and provide a top-class application which serves the basic purpose of providing users with an extremely good experience. The increased population and popularity of mobile phone usage has allowed mobile application development to rise during the recent times. With the earth’s population increasing every day, the number of individuals using phones and the number of phones being developed every day is continuously increasing, hence, posing a great opportunity for individuals to keep working diligently in making new and unique applications for mobile phones. Other factors also contribute in developing application for the mobile phones, which includes enterprise system, mobile back-end facilities, data routing, security, authentication, authorization etc. All these functionalities are supported by a mix of middleware components, which include mobile app server that determines the unique set of codes to be determined by the app developer. Furthermore, mobile back end server MBaas is also determined in this step-in order to uniquely identify the problem and provide proper solutions.  These major application development companies, such that Zoho allow proper app development to take place, which make apps according to the user’s requirements. The complex portion of programming language is cut in these websites and service providers.

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