Advanced technology and artificial intelligence, sure these things have made great progress in determining the feasibility of a normal person, however, these advancing technological developments have given birth to some serious sort of threats to the technical world. There are numerous threats to which a computer system alone might be facing, such as viruses, which may corrupt a system from within, malware which may completely penetrate a computer system, destroying the core of the system and hacking, which is the worst of all and allows an external unauthorized individual to completely gain access to a certain set of data available on a person’s system. Therefore, it is important to set a certain protocol that may allow disabling external threats to penetrate a computer system. For this very purpose, data protection is enabled within computer system and other technological components which may be posed to certain external threats. Data protection is defined as a process in which certain measures are enabled that protect your data, including personal data and sensitive data which might be required to be shared, such as on a cloud storage.

When discussing personal data, it normally refers to certain private information which might not be revealed to the public, such as bank transactions, company details, or any sort of data which may be illegally accessed by an external entity and be utilized by that entity for its benefits. Personal data may range from private life, professional or public life. Since the modern technology and the era in which this technology is being utilized is mainly referred to internet technology era, where everything is available on the internet. In such an environment, there are millions of bits of data being shared throughout the globe every second. Data is shared among various individuals, instantaneously around the globe, which required encryption of data, so that the validity of data and its details remains between the two individuals. This is where data protection might be useful. By using data protection, a person may be able to completely underline which individual may be able to access this data. Further details such as the time span under which the data may be accessed, how it may be accessed and determining a certain set of information which may be shared by another individual is completely described by the individual in data protection. Data protection is not only useful for domestic and personal use, but also for political use. Governments pay a huge chunk of capital in order to pertain a certain security regarding their data. Since the government data is extremely sensitive, therefore, extremely high level of security and protection is required for such data. For example, in 2015, criminals were able to steal 21.5 million records from US Office of Personal Management, which included certain details regarding high profile individuals and their family members. This may have been enabled by the hackers, since with the passage of time, hackers have upgraded their penetration methodology, hence, being able to bypass the security protocols and overpassing firewalls, hence, accessing highly sensitive data. This event calls for outlining a certain set of data protection, which may disable such criminals from accessing data. Even in the modern world, individuals are sharing very sensitive data, which pertains online. This allows hackers to easily access this sensitive data, putting these individuals in risky situations. Furthermore, this data may be further used for blackmailing individuals and cyberbullying as well.

As described above, there are various threats to certain types of sectors, including government sectors. Therefore, there should be proper maintenance of data protection. Following are the further uses of data protection:
  • Updated Laws: In the modern world, the most important component of human life is privacy. Ever since the internet usage have increased, sharing of personal information between individuals have drastically increased. There are many countries that have included privacy policies, which is included in the human rights section. However, many countries have identified the threats posed to the individuals, hence, allow a better human life quality.
  • Corporate co- and self-regulation: There are many companies that face privacy issues, for example, a lot of sensitive data being shared online. Furthermore, many companies include a lot of sensitive data, such as employees data,  There have been several attempts to violate privacy policies and penetrate through company’s security in order to attempt and utilize this information for personal gains. Several companies have faced a huge loss on this account. Therefore, it is important that proper privacy policies and their implementation is enabled, hence, allowing the proper protection of sensitive data on an industrial scale.

Therefore, it is important to note that data encryption is necessary in today’s world. There are several authorities and their respective data that needs to be protected, in order to verify a proper maintenance of the company. There are many available companies and software companies that provide essential cybersecurity against these threats. In UK specifically, the government is playing an important role in determining data protection. The Data Protection Act of 2018 was passed in the UK parliament for the purpose of providing various individuals and companies with the basic right of privacy. This act updates the data protection laws in UK which have been defined in the past. This parliament policy further complements the EU’s general data protection act. These acts have been well defined according to the current threats and conditions faced by companies and various individuals. Therefore, determining data protection is an ongoing process which needs to be upgraded every now and then to determine the potential and current threats imposed to the companies and the individuals, also countermeasures against new threats can be made effectively.

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