In the modern times, one of the greatest tools that have completely changed the dynamics of technology is cloud technology. Ever since the first computer was established and made, there has been development and innovation being implemented in the field of technology, each and every technology being better and more convenient from before. Cloud technology is a true game changer in the field of computer sciences. When we talk about cloud configuration, we define it as a process of setting hardware and software elements of a cloud technology, such that these elements may be able to interoperate and communicate among other elements as well as users.

Computer technology is a tedious work, involving binary solutions and a very complex set of tools being implemented. The cloud environment, for the user, is no doubt one of the easiest component ever made, however, the main motivation behind the cloud interface was it should be feasible for day to day user to incorporate with. However, what happens behind the screen is a highly complex set of elements and binary solutions being operated. Therefore, the configuration of cloud environment in particular can be deemed as a challenging task as compared to a technological aspect of work in a single location or a homogeneous network. The main output of cloud configuration is that it might be made available for users to be accessed anywhere from anything. Hence, a cloud provider service for their clients is mostly affiliated with making the availability of the cloud service everywhere. This involves using all sorts of hardware and software configurations to be implemented. From the example of single-premise network, we make sure that the internet service being provided is efficient, fast and authentic. In the same way, while optimizing the cloud services, a user may make sure the provider of the cloud service providers deliver a reliable service, the performance of the cloud services applications is authentic and most importantly, communications between the cloud service provider and the user must be safe enough to harmonize transferring of sensitive data as well. While maintaining a balanced and a reliable elemental factor in developing an authentic cloud environment, it is important to consider the safety of cloud configuration. Since the increased efficiency of technology has enabled more threats for its penetration and has welcomed more external threats to terminate the security bounds provided by the technological companies. In a way, one of the greatest elements to be considered is the hacking system being run around like an open threat. Majorly, cloud services provide transferring and uploading sensitive data on the cloud, which enables hackers to feed onto the sensitive information available on the cloud. This includes business transactions being made by company owners and other relative information as well. Hence, when determining the cloud services, it is important to implement proper security measures for the protection of data.

There are various components of the services being provided by the cloud configuration system, among which following are discussed:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

When we talk about Software as a Service, we are mostly opting for such a configuration which might implement services in the form of software configuration. In the SaaS distribution model, the applications which are presented by the vendor or the service provider are made available for the customers to utilize the opportunities and feasibility over the internet. In such a distribution system, it is important to consider the configuration being implemented. This may be implemented so that the user may be free to customize the services being provided according to their own needs and feasibility, as well as implementing the best features which may enable the easiness of this feature for the user. Hence, implementing such a configuration may be enabled for the user so that they can make the same type of changes as they would have done in order to customize a locally hosted application. However, on the contrary, a service provider of cloud configuration may enable single configuration, which may be specific the requirements of a certain type of user. This may be done by laying out the Software Layout Agreement, which states the agreed rights and regulations being implemented by the company according to the needs of the user.

Platform as a Service

When we talk about Platform as a Service, we are generally discussing a fundamental approach which enables cloud service providers to enable such a configuration either for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or companies to enable business over cloud, hence, providing another strand of capital to be generated for them. While implementing Platform as a service configuration (PaaS) model, the features included in the cloud configuration, such as the operating system and the associated services are being delivered over the internet without downloads and installations. The platform for a developer provided by a cloud service company usually includes an operating system, a programming language, an execution environment, a database and a web server through which the processes can run. This provides a complete configuration for a user to implement their business over cloud services. Configuration and management elements are all included in the responsibility of the cloud service provider.

Infrastructure as a Service

Usually this includes developing such a configuration which may involve subcontracting the equipment which may be further utilized to support various operations being held, such as hardware requirements, storage capabilities, servers and network components. This can be concluded in a way that when developing a certain infrastructure via cloud services, it is important to consider various elements being provided by the cloud services provider which may enable a much more feasible implementation of this project. Therefore, it is a sole responsibility of the provider to enable these features.

In India alone, there are various cloud service providers working to incorporate the above-mentioned services deemed to be provided by cloud configuration. Among these include DigitalOcean Cloud and Jelastic PaaS, who are working to provide the best cloud configuration based on your requirements.

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