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Usually, auditing has been going on for a long time, which requires professionals to come and check the validity of the current working space. Furthermore, it helps evaluate the weaknesses of a certain company and enable them to make amends. Auditing is an important project which implements the welfare of the company or the working space. When IT companies are structured, they require certain professionals to come audit for them. Mostly the audits are concerned with security measures adopted by the IT company. This is due to the fact that IT is mostly affiliated with technology, and the major concern in the modern world is relative to security threats. An IT security audit is defined as a process in which a specialist pays a visit to an existing IT organization, and determines the level of security the company is permitting to its customers. Furthermore, it also helps evaluate the current vulnerabilities the company faced or the potential vulnerabilities that the company might face due to their inadequate structure of security. This may be accomplished by using special tools, which enable audit professionals to gather essential data from various systems that a company utilizes to carry out their routine work. They thoroughly analyze the ongoing processes within the company, with the reference set to the policies. After the audit team analyzes the structure and integrity of the security, they design a well-described report regarding the processes being carried out in the company and describe the weaknesses and the areas to be focused within the company.

The main use of audit is to ensure that the cybersecurity is intact and that no external threat won’t penetrate the security and overpass the firewall, posing a risk to the infrastructure of the company, hence, determining a proper protocol for the purpose of overcoming the weaknesses and providing a proper protocol to find a countermeasure against hackers and other such criminals who pose a great threat to the IT systems. It is important to understand that even a single vulnerability can cause a scenario of problems for the IT company, therefore, a proper thorough report regarding the IT company is essential for determining the proper weakness report. Furthermore, this report may avoid the company to be posed to individuals who may use this information for their personal use as well. Most of the problems affiliated with cyber-crimes are mostly inclined towards small businesses. Most of the cybercriminals are mostly attacking small businesses since they are developing and the security measures described by the company are inadequate and are easily hackable by the cybercriminals. Moreover, while they have a significant cash reserve, they are unable to protect the integrity of the business. This allows the infiltrators to undergo their business reports and benefit themselves.

Security audits are required more often, since the evolving technology poses major threats everyday to the companies. Moreover, evolving technology requires to be implemented in the IT firms. It is important to notice that precautionary measures are better than taking caution post attack, hence, the audit should be more often so that the company may take actions in the right time span in order to avoid any potential threats to penetrate the security measures within the company. Furthermore, whenever a company has had a major upgrade, or changed their hardware resources, it is important to make sure that the proper adjustments are available and that the security measures within the company are worthwhile to keep the business safe and clean from external threats. This may include hardware changes, for example if a company just had a change of hardware resources, it is important for audit firm to realize the change and discover the weaknesses in the recent change, if any are there and network changes etc. 

When an audit has been completed, it is the sole responsibility of the company to make certain amends. The audit firm files a report displaying all the potential weaknesses and threats the company processes or IT structure is posed to. If the devised threats are major and significant for the IT firm, it is important to highlight these problems and make amends to it right away. Proper justification is also required, therefore, after each and every step carrying out a certain set of tasks for maintaining the integrity of the company is important. Furthermore, it is important to note that these major threats would be of paramount importance for the company, therefore, it is important to underline these problems and make certain arrangements to treat them effectively. However, the nature of the problem also plays a great role in the expenditure of the alternate. The cost of patching up defense may be greater than the threat a company may be exposed to. Although the cost may be more, but it should be kept in mind the nature of the problem a company may be exposed to. For example, if a certain type of problem is prevailing in other IT organizations as well, rather than spending a huge chunk of capital in the defense system, it is important to look for an alternate approach which may be able to handle this problem for you. Also, if an IT organization feels like it needs a proper checkup, they should opt for audit firms immediately.

Conclusively, it can be said that security audit is important in order to pertain a successful IT business. If a certain type of threat prevails, it should be dealt with, otherwise, a small amount of security audit may be replaced by a huge loss in business or no business at all. One such company that goes by the name of Akita is a US based security audit company, which deals with determining the cybersecurity levels within an organization. It also provides a detailed report regarding the problems being faced by the company.

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