Whenever we buy a product, we often face difficulties. Sometimes we are too much in a hurry that we don’t get enough time to check the product. This poses a major hurdle in its functionality. Its not the fault of the manufacturer that they designed a dysfunctional product, since manufacturing is a complex task and involves minority of the products to be malfunctioned. Hereby, many of the customers availing these products may come face to face defected products, which we may realize too late. However, this too late is not actually late at all. It is customary for the company to provide helplines or service regarding the product, which a customer may approach when encountered with such a bewildering situation. Companies have a default system of customer service, which works entirely on providing the best facilities for the customers, since the base of the company relies upon a good customer review. The reviews of the customers therefore play an important role in the upbringing of a company, providing major benefits. However, these benefits are posed to risks if the customer service is inadequate. Therefore, a company, if they want to have a successful run in the market, should focus on the customer service. As first impression is the last impression which is held by majority of the theory writers and authors, it is also applicable in customer service as well. If a person is not welcoming with their tone or attitude, it may agitate the customer, hence, threatening the economical position of the company. Therefore, 1st line support should be adequate and effective.

1st line support can be defined as the first person we encounter is the person sitting on the desk. 1st line support is usually affiliated with helpdesk jobs, where an individual may identify a certain type of problem. Moreover, main job of the 1st line support is to identify a problem being faced by the customer and forwarding the problem further to problem management team or IT technician. Therefore, effectiveness of the 1st line support in order to determine the problem and welcoming the customer is an important role to be played within a company. They provide advice and support on possible solutions to resolve any IT related issues. They plan and assist in the delivery of the given work programs. The major role of 1st line support individuals can also be described as assisting in providing an effective helpdesk or desk support services for customers facing various problems. These services may be rendered across the company, which may be of potential benefit for the company.

The major job of these individuals is to be in direct contact with customers. They may also attract customers according to the pre-decided target markets, which helps the company in understanding varying types of customers, their demographic approaches and their purchasing needs. This includes recording calls and experiences of customers on a regular basis. If certain problems are associated with simple solutions, direct relation of 1st line support individuals and customers may allow prevention of escalation of the problem. However, if a certain problem is not applicable for the desk support, it may be forwarded further to administration or relative authorities to deal with these problems effectively. They further ensure the customers that their particular problem will be dealt with diligence and effectiveness, therefore, providing a satisfactory job for the customer service. Furthermore, when the problem is successfully dealt with, these individuals cross verify with the customers that whether the solution was beneficial for them or not. They also focus on the satisfactory results obtained by the company so that the purchaser may be satisfied, hence, providing a loyal customer for the company. At the end, it is also a customary job for 1st line support to ask for their reviews, since the reviews of customers may help developing a more effective customer help care service which may effectively deal with customer’s problems, as well as providing the management and the company a better chance to avoid certain errors so that the customers may not have to approach help support systems in the future. Therefore, they allow a better development technique for the company as well. Furthermore, the role of these individual can be identified as a crucial potential beneficiary part in a company’s economic position.

When we talk about technology, we are often of the view of the perplexing nature of the particular field. This perplexing nature may pose hurdles for consumers, due to which they might opt for customer service in order to obtain an overview of the product or even verify that if the product has been delivered correctly or is it non-functional. The inventory may be modified based upon customer service as well as the IT workers may modify their work strategies based upon their reviews.

Therefore, the role of 1st line support is extremely crucial in determining the problems being faced by the customers. Moreover, the attributes of these individuals must be carefully identified, since many of the customers may be agitated with their experience, hence, dealing with these individuals is a tedious task, which must be accomplish effectively by the 1st line support. Moreover, their main role is to identify which department of a certain company may be able to deal with a certain problem. The advantage of increased income potential by inducing an improved customer retention service, which may lead to product diversity and innovating the product manufacturing as well. Therefore, while determining 1st line support, it is customary for the company to be careful with the requirements as well as determining the perfect candidate that may pull off this job effectively, which would ultimately effect the company positively.  

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